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Fix Static Buzz Sound Issue Audio Interface Windows 10 Focusrite Saffire Pro 14 Blue Yeti Pro

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I found this static buzz noise when using OBS with the Saffire Pro 14 & Blue Yeti Pro connected with XLR inputs.
I also figured out how to fix this buzz noise very easily.
This issue will not be evident in your DAW recording devices such as Ableton, or Vegas Movie Studio Platinum.
This only happens while using WDM Windows driver, which is what OBS Open Broadcast Software uses.
OBS does not allow you to choose which audio inputs to my knowlege.

This may also fix other Audio Interface Devices such as USB.

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Blue Microphones Yeti Pro

Focusrite Saffire Pro 14

Syba 1394A Firewire PCI-e x1 Card SI-PEX30017